Mussoorie Heritage Centre

Landour Lecture Series

The Landour Lecture Series was born in August 2012 and was the brain child of a group of Landour Language Students. Seeing the diverse cultural backgrounds of students around , and the rich Landour Community, the group decided to have an evening with 4 speakers from different Nationalities and experiences.
This sowed the seed for a community initiative and a platform for people to come and share their colourful and rich experiences. Till date the speakers have been from all over the world. The topics varying manifold such as – personal experiences in Burma; the next Economic superpower; Indian medical business; waterharvesting;

Landour Lecture Series is a community not for profit initiative that aims to harness the potential of local and passer by talent and knowledge, by creating a free space for interaction and dialogue. Landour Lecture Series started in 2011, and has since hosted more than 100 speakers from all continents that have talked about education, development, wildlife, environment, entertainment, technology etc. It has also been a platform for performing Arts. It is now an Event under the registered firm Mussoorie Heritage Centre.

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