Mussoorie Heritage Centre

Mussoorie Memory Bank


Mussoorie has a wealth of history. Much of it is contained in people’s memories etc. The Mussoorie Memory Bank is a project which seeks to document some of these oral histories by talking to different people who have witnessed and have been involved in parts of Mussoorie’s history. Twice a month, we feature a different Mussoorie resident as they talk about their own experience, as well as having an archive of all those who have been interviewed. We hope that by watching these videos, you can be transported into the rich, flavoured history of Mussoorie. So sit back, open your eyes and ears, and prepare to hear firsthand accounts of Mussoorie’s nuanced history.

Get involved

If you are a long-term resident of Mussoorie, or have lived here in the past, we would be interested in interviewing you. Please reach out through our contact form and Terms And Conditions, letting us know your age, background and time in Mussoorie, and when it would be possible to interview you.

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