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Length : 8 inch
Width : 2.5 inch
Height : 7 inch
Weight : 300 gram

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A handmade wooden Khutchar resplendent with its neck collar with metal ghungroo, jute saddle on the back and jute rope in the neck. Khutchars or Hill mules have been used for centuries to carry milk cans from the villages to the towns. It ferries people and is also used for carrying construction material to sites where no other mode of transport can reach. With increasing road connectivity and rapid modes of transport, these mules are fast diminishing in numbers. Hence this has been exclusively designed and manufactured by Mussoorie Heritage Centre for its Transportation Series, so that children can play with a mule as a pull toy and learn about the animal which is less to be seen in these fast changing times. The collar in the neck is traditionally made by hand with woolen bright pompoms and brass bells, and the saddle on its back has pockets which hold the milk cans.


7 inch


8 inch


2.5 inch


300 gram


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